Standing up to the bully

Nobody likes a bully but who wants to stand up to one? Jaylyn does in Fawn Forest ISD.
Publishing date is very close. July/2011


About rosescott

I am married to a wonderful man and we have one son who is a blessing to us both. In the last 27 years I worked as a teacher or counselor in the public school system. This last year 2010-11 I took some to write a book which is now complete. FAWN FOREST ISD.
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2 Responses to Standing up to the bully

  1. emc23 says:

    I was bullied once in truly illegal, as well unprofessional, ways. The principal of the high school where I worked asked me to come to his office at my break time. I walked in and sat down. He got up from his desk and closed the door. As he returned to his desk, he suggested we go to dinner one evening to get to know each other better. The high school was new, the principal and I were both new.

    I smiled slowly, got up opened the door and returned to my chair saying: “I have two rules in my life. Never date anyone who is married and never date anyone I work with. You fit both categories. No thank you. Is there anything else you’d like to discuss?” There was no answer. I got up and I walked out. To him, it was a declaration of war. I knew he would win only if I let him know how much his little tricks bothered me, so I kept smiling.

    The final scene, near the end of that first year, was when he gave me a copy of a letter detailing my “problems” that he had sent to the Superintendent, Personnel Director, and each member of the school board. After reading the letter, I wrote my response to each item and personally delivered my letters to the district office. I learned a week or two later that he had never sent his letter or complained about me in any way to anyone. These administrators were very unhappy with him.

    I was overjoyed to hear that when I left three years later, he was officially questioned (again) about why I resigned. He was removed and reassigned to the non-existent post of elementary school physical eduction director while they investigated. Happily, his career in public school education was over. I was not his only problem, but I was proud to be one of the “problems” leading to his unemployment.

    Thirty years later I had another new supervisor who did everything he could to get rid of me for 8 months. Unfortunately for him, his attacks were a waste of time. That situation is too complicated to explain, but he did lose the war. Unfortunately for him, I believed he would “shot himself in the foot” if I gave him enough time and I was right. It was hard not to laugh in our final meeting.

    Power is a lot more than job description. Someone might have terminated my employment, but no one could make me a victim.

    • rosescott says:

      Is this the Elaine M. that I know?? Wow, I remember you telling me you had some stories about education. I am sorry to hear this happened to you but glad to know you rose above it.

      I’ll let you know when my book signing will be for Fawn Forest ISD.

      Thanks, Rosanne

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