BLUE BONNET ISD Here is part of the first chapter


Chapter 1

Was he really putting the move on her? Come on, this is an interview, Jewel thought to herself. Not that she wasn’t used to male attention, she had received it all of her life. Not surprising with her exceptionally beautiful parents; both huge movie stars living out in Hollywood, California. Her father, Jake Hamlin would be considered an old timer but he was still in his prime as far as Jewel was concerned. He had written and produced many of the popular young, sexy soap operas of all times. He still had his hand in two of the top television programs including, “Sex, Sex and More Sex” and “94102-San Francisco,” the gay version of “90210.” His 6’4” athletic build had many mistaking him for a professional athlete. He had all the charisma of the NFL quarterback Drew Brees and the breath taking look of George Clooney. But with all of his
notoriety, money and looks he had always been a wonderful father to Jewel and her younger sister, Jema.
Jewel was the first born. At age twenty-four she had blossomed into a gorgeous woman with a rockin 5’10’ body, endless legs, silky blonde hair that never saw a bad hair day. Her exterior beauty was matched with a loving and compassionate soul. She had decided early in her college years at Stanford that she would not follow her parent’s career. She wanted to become a teacher. She had enjoyed attending school her entire life, loved being around children and had the patience of a saint. She had extended her time in college after graduation by attending UCLA where she had received her master’s in education administration.

Her younger sister, Jema always wanted to be just like her parents. She craved the glamour, fame and attention that were attached to the movie stars. She had that Angelina Jolee look about her causing people on the the streets to stop and take a double take. At twenty-two Jema had her sights set on New York City, The Big Apple. She knew that her father could launch her career in California but she wanted to do this on her own. Determined to make it big on the other side of the country she convinced her big sister to take a road trip. It would be an adventure to visit as many states as possible.

Jackie Hamlin was the only person standing in their way. Jackie loved her daughters and hated to see them leave California but knew they needed to pave their own paths. She had raised them as solid individuals and was so thankful the problems that plagued many of the rich and famous had not impeded her girls. Jackie was a beautiful woman who never took her looks for granted. She had discovered the pros and cons of beauty. On one hand it could open many doors providing accolades in a Hollywood career.


About rosescott

I am married to a wonderful man and we have one son who is a blessing to us both. In the last 27 years I worked as a teacher or counselor in the public school system. This last year 2010-11 I took some to write a book which is now complete. FAWN FOREST ISD.
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