Effective tips for Parents to Communicate with Teachers

At the beginning of each school year make a contact with your child’s teacher very early by letter or email. Let the teacher know you are a caring and involved parent and would like to have open communication about your child. Provide a good email address and phone numbers.

Let teacher know if there is ever a problem, you want to be contacted. Keep the communication open throughout the entire school year.

If your child needs to be near the teacher, separated from a friend in class or has any special needs, Let the teacher know immediately.

Advocate for your child in a positive and professional way.

If there ever is a great concern on your part, set up an appointment with the teacher to discuss face to face. Many times emails can be misinterpreted.

Allow the teacher to be the first person to rectify or clarify a school situation. It’s better to resolve issues as they arise.

Remember that your child is the common denominator between you and the teacher. The child’s well being and education always comes first.

Rosanne G. Scott


About rosescott

I am married to a wonderful man and we have one son who is a blessing to us both. In the last 27 years I worked as a teacher or counselor in the public school system. This last year 2010-11 I took some to write a book which is now complete. FAWN FOREST ISD.
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