Tips on Helping your child with Bullying

1) Talk to your child each day and ask if they were treated kindly?
2) If your child is being bullied discuss a game plan on how he/she can protect themselves at school. Role play, talk out strategies without encouraging retaliation.
3) Listen well to what they are saying. Remind them that bullying is not an acceptable school behavior.
4) Get involved with the school. Ask your child if he/she would like to be a part of the discussion with the school counselor or principal. This empowers them and provides an opportunity to be heard. Involve teachers (especially when your child has more than one teacher) to be aware of the bullying against your child.
5) Make an appointment with the school principal or counselor. Share your concerns openly without confrontation. Ask for a follow up report and follow through with this. Don’t assume the problem is resolved with one visit.
6) Check in with your child each day and continue to support them.
7) Follow up with teachers to ensure your child’s safety at school.
8) Teach your children how to be kind to others by demonstrating it yourself. Remember, your child hears everything you say and do and will repeat your words and your actions in public.


About rosescott

I am married to a wonderful man and we have one son who is a blessing to us both. In the last 27 years I worked as a teacher or counselor in the public school system. This last year 2010-11 I took some to write a book which is now complete. FAWN FOREST ISD.
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