About the Author

Rosanne Givens Scott is a former teacher and school counselor.  She is a licensed professional counselor and trained mediator.  She lives in Friendswood, Texas with her wonderful husband and very cool son.  She enjoys watching her son play basketball, baseball, and football and loves to watch Texas A&M volleyball where her niece is currently playing.


3 Responses to About the Author

  1. Kim Gonzales says:

    Loved your book. I am having a problem with an ISD concerning my daughter, we tried to fight it, but she was being bullied and everyone said we were wrong. An adult hired by the district and the band walked away from 2 seizures, and also called her an eyesore since she was on crutches at the beginning of band season, BUT she could still play her part better than anyone else. But he would not let her on the field. We decided to stop everything to give her peace her senior year, but we may continue the fight when she graduates this year. thanks for the inspiration.

    • rosescott says:

      Thanks for your support with my book. I’m not sure exactly what happened in your situation. Under section 504 a student cannot be penalized for his/her handicapping condition whether it is a temporary or permanent condition. I hope things work our for you and your daughter.
      R. Scott

  2. kim gonzales says:

    It was the same district you worked in. Nothing will get done. We will seek a lawyer soon and go farther after graduation and I am letting the television stations know what happened. Adair and Talley said he could walk away from seizures and her friends ran to get help. I was also relieved of subbing @some of the schools since we had the Dept of Education involved. May 31 is graduation, June 4 – 8 will be at the news station. We moved here 8 years ago, but…….

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