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BLUE BONNET ISD is available

You can order your copy of Rosanne Givens Scott book BLUE BONNET ISD at

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Effective tips for Parents to Communicate with Teachers

At the beginning of each school year make a contact with your child’s teacher very early by letter or email. Let the teacher know you are a caring and involved parent and would like to have open communication about your child. Provide a good email address and phone numbers.

Let teacher know if there is ever a problem, you want to be contacted. Keep the communication open throughout the entire school year.

If your child needs to be near the teacher, separated from a friend in class or has any special needs, Let the teacher know immediately.

Advocate for your child in a positive and professional way.

If there ever is a great concern on your part, set up an appointment with the teacher to discuss face to face. Many times emails can be misinterpreted.

Allow the teacher to be the first person to rectify or clarify a school situation. It’s better to resolve issues as they arise.

Remember that your child is the common denominator between you and the teacher. The child’s well being and education always comes first.

Rosanne G. Scott

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Homework Tips for Parents/Students

Take HOMEWORK OUT of your vocabulary. What’s the answer to the question, “Do you have any homework?” Answer, “NO” And, we parents let the kids off the hook.
Instead Use the Words “Study Time”
Allow your child/student to choose the time of day for their study time (if they don’t adhere to it, no tv, computer or tech games for the evening. One time is usually all it takes!)

Recommended Study time per night (Sunday through Thursday), More if you have an over-achiever!
For Kindergarten, First and Second Graders: Five minutes per night per subject. Math, Reading/Writing/Handwriting, Science and Social Studies.
That’s 20 minutes per night, Five times a week. That’s 100 minutes a week, over 36 weeks amounts to 3,600 minutes of study time.

For Third, Fourth and Fifth Graders: Ten minutes per night per subject. Math, Reading, Science and Social Studies. That’s 40 minutes per night, Five times a week. That’s 200 minutes a week, over 36 weeks amounts to 7,200 minutes of study time for the year.

For Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Graders: 15 to 20 minutes per night, per subject. Math, Reading, Science and Social Studies. That’s one hour to one hour 20 minutes a night. That could be five hours of study time per week. That’s 180 extra hours of study time.

For High School: 20 to 30 minutes per night, per subject.

With this simple model you are Teaching your child how to study which is what most college students will tell you they never learned. Teach your kids with the TIPS model (Teaching Independent Positive Students)

Ideas for Parents to help facilitate getting minutes accomplished. As you drive your son/daughter around to various activities in the afternoon and evening. Ask what they learned in science and social studies today. Ask key questions for recall. Study spelling words out loud, make it a game for all. Discuss math facts and how this relates to every day activities. Have students add up in their heads how much the grocery bill might be.

Stress the importance of their education. Talk about dreams, goals and what they want to be when the grow up OFTEN! These are ever changing.

Most important of all… Listen to them and ask questions about their day at school!!

Rosanne Givens Scott/Counselor

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“Blue Bonnet ISD” ebook Release August, 2012

E book version of “Blue Bonnet ISD” available August, 2012.

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BLUE BONNET ISD Here is part of the first chapter


Chapter 1

Was he really putting the move on her? Come on, this is an interview, Jewel thought to herself. Not that she wasn’t used to male attention, she had received it all of her life. Not surprising with her exceptionally beautiful parents; both huge movie stars living out in Hollywood, California. Her father, Jake Hamlin would be considered an old timer but he was still in his prime as far as Jewel was concerned. He had written and produced many of the popular young, sexy soap operas of all times. He still had his hand in two of the top television programs including, “Sex, Sex and More Sex” and “94102-San Francisco,” the gay version of “90210.” His 6’4” athletic build had many mistaking him for a professional athlete. He had all the charisma of the NFL quarterback Drew Brees and the breath taking look of George Clooney. But with all of his
notoriety, money and looks he had always been a wonderful father to Jewel and her younger sister, Jema.
Jewel was the first born. At age twenty-four she had blossomed into a gorgeous woman with a rockin 5’10’ body, endless legs, silky blonde hair that never saw a bad hair day. Her exterior beauty was matched with a loving and compassionate soul. She had decided early in her college years at Stanford that she would not follow her parent’s career. She wanted to become a teacher. She had enjoyed attending school her entire life, loved being around children and had the patience of a saint. She had extended her time in college after graduation by attending UCLA where she had received her master’s in education administration.

Her younger sister, Jema always wanted to be just like her parents. She craved the glamour, fame and attention that were attached to the movie stars. She had that Angelina Jolee look about her causing people on the the streets to stop and take a double take. At twenty-two Jema had her sights set on New York City, The Big Apple. She knew that her father could launch her career in California but she wanted to do this on her own. Determined to make it big on the other side of the country she convinced her big sister to take a road trip. It would be an adventure to visit as many states as possible.

Jackie Hamlin was the only person standing in their way. Jackie loved her daughters and hated to see them leave California but knew they needed to pave their own paths. She had raised them as solid individuals and was so thankful the problems that plagued many of the rich and famous had not impeded her girls. Jackie was a beautiful woman who never took her looks for granted. She had discovered the pros and cons of beauty. On one hand it could open many doors providing accolades in a Hollywood career.

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Thursday, March 8th, 2012 League City Library

Rosanne Scott will be speaking at League City Library on Thursday, March 8th at 10:30 a.m. The author will have her book, “Fawn Forest ISD” available.

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